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SALEM, OR -- Left lane "campers" drive in the fast lane, but stay at the same speed as the rest of traffic; and it's not illegal in Oregon. Yet. The practice that could soon earn those drivers a ticket, under a bill being considered in the Oregon Legislature. 


State Senator Ginny Burdick (D-Portland) says it creates a safety issue when other drivers have to change lanes to get around those who don't move over. "For whatever reason, whether they’re on their cell phone, or just oblivious, or just plain rude, they don’t do it." She adds, "This gives the state police clear authority to ticket those drivers."


Senate Republican Leader Tedd Ferrioli (R-John Day) says, "Maybe this is old-school: I was told you use that lane to get around the car ahead of you, then you get out of that lane." He wants drivers to know the fast lane is for one thing, "That left driving lane should be clearly identified as a passing lane."


Similar bills have come up in the last several sessions. The latest version now provides exceptions for traffic and road conditions that may require a driver to remain in the left lane, which raised previous concerns. It appears to be gaining support in Salem. 


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