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Lars Larson

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BEND, OR -- Three people were arrested on drug-related charges, this week, following a month-long investigation by the Central Oregon Drug Enforcement team. 


Police arrested 36-year-old Jason Rydell Johnson (pictured) during a traffic stop just after 5 p.m., Wednesday. About an hour later, they executed a search warrant at the northeast Bend home he had just left. At that NE Moonglow Court house, detectives arrested 56-year-old Judith Flanders, and seized meth, cash, drug records and other evidence. During the search, 52-year-old Preston McNeely showed up at the house, with more than two ounces of meth. He was also arrested without incident.


Flanders and McNeely are charged with Delivery, Possession and Manufacture of Meth; Johnson is charged with Meth Delivery and Possession.

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