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SALEM, OR -- A demonstration in support of President Donald Trump at the Oregon Capitol had to be protected by State Police, Saturday, when opponents held a counter demonstration. Trump supporters say they don't understand the criticism lobbied by other groups, who claim they're "fascist" and "racist."

Some members of the counter-protest claimed to be anarchists. They burned an American flag near the WWII Memorial in Salem. When they began to threaten Trump supporters, OSP formed a protective line to keep them separated. 


A 31-year-old Terrebonne man was arrested for spraying a State Trooper with pepper spray. Matthew Curtis Heagy was detained and found to be carrying a concealed gun. OSP says he never publicly displayed the weapon, however Heagy is a convicted felon. He's charged with carrying a concealed weapon and being a felon in possession of a firearm. 

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