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COCC Board Candidates Vye For Zone 4


BEND, OR -- The two candidates vying for the Bend position on the Central Oregon Community College Board of Directors grew up in Bend, and both attended classes at COCC.


Erica Skatvold works at St. Charles Medical Center as a liaison between IT staff and caregivers. As a high school student at COCC, before attending the University of Denver. She tells KBND News the college can do a better job of preparing students for local opportunities. "Either on the board or running, nobody is under 50-years-old. So, I believe that on boards, the more diversity the better of differing opinions. But, I think that younger perspective of having my whole adult life in the recession or post-recession; so, I think that is actually the thing I bring most to the board." She says her opponent, Kyle Frick as also a good candidate, "He has experience; he's been involved in the community. But, right now, all of the board members have, that are sitting at COCC. So, it's really, bringing in a new perspective - a younger perspective - is probably what the board needs, right now. I think it does."


Frick is the Vice President of Marketing for Mid Oregon Credit Union. He tells KBND News, "I just think COCC is a great institution in our community; they do so many things, they're very broad-based. I guess I'm a product of COCC. After I got out of the Air Force, I was at COCC for two years before I transferred to U of O to get my degree. And, I just remember having the great teachers there." He feels he would bring a lot of experience to the board. "For years we've been involved with COCC and with the school districts and I have a lot of relationships with all those people. So, I think the relationships I have, not only there, but in the community with EDCO, with the Chambers of Commerce, with a lot of different people - not just in Bend, but across all the communities in Central Oregon; I think that's a benefit."

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