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REDMOND, OR -- A Redmond High Senior prank has turned into a fundraising effort to restore a piece of history at the school. Principal Paul Nolan says a massive rock was moved from inside the building to the football field when the school was remodeled in 2013. "The rock was a gathering place for students since at least 1975. When it moved, a lot of alumni were wondering where it was. And, the seniors this year decided that because they believe so much in tradition, they wanted to bring it back." So, Nolan says, a couple of weeks ago, they took action, "Somehow they got this massive rock and literally put it at our doorstep here at the front of the school."


On Thursday, Nolan launched a Go Fund Me webpage, hoping to raise $4,500 to pay for the rock to be permanently mounted just outside the school’s front entrance. He admits it was just a prank, to start. But, Nolan tells KBND News it's grown into much more, "As soon as you explain the history behind the piece, they think that it’s really neat. This class talks a lot about tradition and this is just one way that they’re showing that, this year, kind of at the end of their high school careers."

Back in the day, the rock was topped with a metal panther sculpture. "Legend has it that it was stolen by some seniors for a prank and cut up; and part of it is in Lake Billy Chinook." Nolan also wants to replace that piece of history, "We thought it would be a neat way to bridge the tradition of the rock with our current generation of students and put our current walking panther logo on it; and have that cut out and designed by students, as well."
In the first day of fundraising, the effort raised more than $800. Nolan hopes the community and alumni will rally so the work is done in time for the start of school in the fall. "Once we secure the funding - because I’m not using instructional funds or anything for it - then it should happen within a few weeks. So, we have the bid, we have everything ready; we’ve even dug the hole where we’re going to poor the foundation. We’re just waiting for the funding." 

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