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BEND, OR -- A Bend Police officer that shot and killed a driver during a December traffic stop will not face criminal charges. Oregon’s Department of Justice released its findings, this week, following a lengthy investigation. According to the report, Michael Jacques was seen driving erratically, December 23; at one point crashing into an overpass. 

When officers Tisher and Schaier confronted the man near Bond and Franklin, he pulled Schaier into the van and punched him several times. During the altercation, officers deployed their tasers and one sprayed pepper gel, all with no apparent effect on Jacques. 
The van lurched forward and officers reportedly feared for their lives and those of nearby pedestrians. Officer Schaier fired five shots, killing Jacques. The DOJ says there is insufficient evidence to find Schaier criminally liable for his use of deadly force. 
Police Chief Jim Porter released the following statement after the findings were released:
I, and the members of the Bend Police Department welcome the conclusion of the investigation into Michael Jacques' death. The investigation of Officer Schaier and Tisher's actions was led by the Oregon State Police and independently reviewed by the Oregon Department of Justice.

The attempted apprehension and arrest of Michael Jacques was witnessed by numerous citizens, some of which provided video recordings of the incident. We thank all those who provided witness testimony and their video of the incident. This evidence and recorded witness statements provided on the night of the incident are consistent with the statements given by Officers Schaier and Tisher and support the findings of the Oregon Department of Justice.

The officers serving the citizens of Bend do so with pride and compassion, placing themselves in harm's way on a daily basis to save lives, to help those in distress to keep Bend a safe community. In 2016 officers responded to over 87,000 calls for service, arrested 3,100 offenders, and were only required to use force in 65 of these calls.

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