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MADRAS, OR -- with a huge crowd expected in Central Oregon during the August 21 eclipse, the anticipated need for portable facilities is keeping one small Madras company busy. It's easily the biggest event in the history of Middleton Septic and Portable Toilets, LLC.


Co-owner Misty Cox says they're hoping to bring on extra staff to help with the immense demand. "My Husband and I both obviously work for our own business, and then we usually have one full-time and one part-time guy. And, this year, I have three full-time and my husband going non-stop; then during the eclipse, besides the three employees that I have working right now, I'll be bringing on at least six more people; so we're actually trying to find more help." 


Cox tells KBND News, "We've been planning and trying to prepare and find more port-a-potties for two years, but there's a lot to figure out. The biggest problem for us, probably, is that we have to drive to every single port-a-potty that we're servicing, and we have nearly 700 rented. And, 500 of those will be serviced every single day at least once, so to get to them is a huge deal for us." Another issue is where to store all those units until eclipse week, "You know, the people that have a lot rented from us, like the city of Madras and the Jefferson County Tourism Group, they have places for us to put their large amounts, so we've made arrangements for our customers who are renting from us. They're giving us room." The Jefferson County Tourism Group is the main organizer of the Madras SolarFest. 


Middleton Septic has subleased portable restrooms from other companies across the tri-county area. Cox expects her crew will work non-stop in the week surrounding the eclipse to keep the units cleaned, stocked and ready for use. 


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