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BEND, OR -- Knute Buehler, a gubernatorial contender against current Oregon Governor Kate Brown at the next election, is calling on her administration to join him in compelling former staff from the Oregon Health Authority to appear at a hearing and answer questions about perceived impropriety.
Buehler, who spoke to Lars Larson, had this to say about the OHA. "There's been lots of questions that have been brought up since the last legislative session such as over 50,000 people who got health care who weren't eligible, about a smear campaign against their opponents, and an overall lack of transparency that has required many of the major officers of that agency to resign."
Buehler has issued a formal request to Governor Brown's office, asking that she join him in demanding the former employees of the OHA appear at Wednesday's legislative inquiry, but has, so far, received no reply.
Buehler suggested that Brown may know more than she's said, especially about the charge of a planned smearing of a private company. "It's a really bad precedent to have state-sponsored propaganda, against a private company, and how far did the knowledge of this plan go? Did the Governor's office know about it? Were they involved in drawing up the plan? That's some of the questions I want to ask at the hearing." 
About his official request submitted to the Governor's office, Buehler said, "So far, we've just been stonewalled, which seems to be the typical way they handle these things...they're going to have current staff, the new staff, and you know what that will be, they'll say 'well, we don't know, we'll have to get back to you'."
Buehler told Lars that the documents associated with these improprieties have been heavily redacted, and only the OHA staff, those who resigned as a result of this scandal, can settle the legislation's questions.


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