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BEND, OR -- The Bend City Council has been working toward a collective action to improve energy efficiency in Bend.


Gillian Ockner, with the City, says since the adoption of the Climate Action Resolution a year ago, the city is using a two-pronged approach to make progress. "One is to clean up our house internally, and look for ways to increase our energy efficiency and fuel efficiency of our fleet, and then, how we can utilize our partnerships to develop a plan for the community as a whole by identifying voluntary actions that would address fossil fuel reduction."
The Bend City Council is holding a meeting tonight at 5 pm where they will hear updates about the resolution and discuss their next steps to reach their goals of continued fossil fuel reduction and increased energy efficiency.
Ockner says part of discussing the City's progress tonight is to involve the community in the process. "What the city has done is try to leverage where we're already convening people around key questions that could affect fossil fuel reduction, such as our recently launched Transportation Plan Update process. That process will encompass how to reduce vehicle miles traveled in the city."
The Council will also discuss plans to identify further reduction opportunities, further integrate transportation planning, and seek funding for Community Climate Action planning. According to Ockner, she's heard there are those who think the City should be focusing their attention elsewhere, but she believes reducing dependence on fossil fuels adds value to the community. "We look at key values and how to serve those through fossil fuel use reduction such as how can this help in increases in health, safety, affordability, transportation accessibility, cost reduction and savings, over time, for businesses, and individuals, and the City itself."
The City's continuing plans include identifying energy efficiency opportunities, integrating land use and transportation planning, fund raising, and continuing to engage the community in the process. 


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