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BEND, OR -- The Bend-La Pine School board has agreed on a long-term location for two small high school programs set to open next year. Assistant Superintendent Lora Nordquist tells KBND News, "The programs are starting in the fall of 2018, so we’ve located space in the industrial area off Brinson, in northeast Bend and have procured a lease there. And, that lease can continue for a number of years."


The new "small school" programs do not replace the traditional "large" high school that's expected to be built by 2021. Construction of that facility is funded by a bond passed by voters last year. Nordquist says leasing space for the smaller programs allows them to stabilize enrollment, "To be sure that we had enough room for all the students we would have in our high schools in the year 2021. It also gives the opportunity to see how the programs thrive and grow. And, if those two small high school programs are successful, ultimately we would look to purchase a building or build a school specifically for those programs, down the road."


Nordquist says the small schools are designed for no more than 500 students and are an effort to provide more options for families. "Not every student seeks a large comprehensive high school experience complete with sports and band and a full plate of electives." Click HERE to learn more. She says more information on the specifics of the programs and enrollment will be available later this fall.


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