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Voters To Decide Law Enforcement For CRR

CROOKED RIVER RANCH, OR -- Ballots go out today in Jefferson County, and one measure proposes to raise taxes $.95 per $1,000 of assessed property value in order to get more coverage from the Sheriff's Department in Crooked River Ranch.


Jefferson County Sheriff Jim Adkins says some of the residents of Crooked River Ranch came up with the 'Enhanced Service' idea for the ballot, but not everyone's on board. "I'm kinda taking the middle of the road on this, because part of the residents want more deputies out there, the other part say, 'Hey, we like you, but we generally don't want to see you,' so, I will continue to provide service like I do now, and a lot of residents out there think that that is adequate."
The funding would allow Crooked River Ranch to have two full-time deputies on patrol, rather than it being part of a circuit of the county, like it is now. "Our calls for service are not as many out there as we have in the northern part of the County. Some want 'enhanced,' so they came up with the idea of what would it cost to get a couple deputies out there. I had the City Manager run the numbers and we came up with about $.95 per $1,000 to get two deputies."
Deschutes County residents of Crooked River Ranch already pay a higher tax rate, due to various 'stable funding' initiatives. Jefferson County residents in CRR have until November 7 to cast their vote.


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