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SISTERS, OR -- The Sisters / Camp Sherman Fire District has made upgrades to its Locust Street Training Site to allow firefighters a safer place to train.


Julie Spor with the Fire District says where they used to train is now more developed and has more traffic, so improving the Locust Street property gives them a lot of flexibility. In addition to site cleanup, they've outfitted the site to mimic real-world training opportunities. "We have added some training props out there, designed to simulate a building's roof and floor system that allows the firefighter to practice cutting holes in the roof from floors, and then we also have planned to add a small structure to conduct live fire training exercises and a hydrant to the property."
She says it's all about safety, not just for the firefighters, but for the residents of the area. "We need a safe place to train and it's close to our response area and we used to train in some of the outlying areas of the city, but those have become improved now. There's increased development and traffic in those areas, so this gives us a safer place and a closer place to be able to fulfill both of those requirements that we need."
The training site will also be used for driver training and automobile extraction exercises. 


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