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BEND, OR -- Another Bend resident has announced plans to run for Governor. Businessman Sam Carpenter will challenge Bend State Representative Knute Buehler for the Republican nomination in 2018. "I'm not a politician; I'm a businessman and a long-term resident of Oregon who passionately loves this state, just as you do. But, it's the political dysfunction that distresses me, and I find myself uniquely qualified to do something about it."


His campaign motto, “Make Oregon Great Again,” mirrors that of President Trump, and he bills himself as more conservative than Dr. Buehler. He explained his platform in a video released Wednesday on his new website. "I share President Trump's vision of creating vibrant economic opportunity with less government interference in our lives; of course, custom fit in our unique Oregon way. To be a bit more specific, I'm pro-life, rely on God's wisdom, revere our military and first responders and want a limited government based on our U.S. Constitution."
Carpenter ran for Senator Jeff Merkley’s seat four years ago, and for Senator Ron Wyden’s seat in 2016. "In my bid for U.S. Senate in 2016, I was the single Oregon candidate who publicly endorsed Donald Trump prior to the Oregon primaries. As your Governor, I'll fight for less government and putting the power back in your hands, where it belongs. Today, I'm not seeing this commitment or direction from either side of the political establishment."
The 67-year-old owns Bend-based Centratel, a telephone answering service. 


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