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BEND, OR -- The weather is turning colder and leaves are falling … and falling. Cindy Jeffers, with LandSystems Nursery in Bend, says it’s important to rake all those leaves off your lawn while the skies are clear, to keep the grass healthy. "If we get a lot of snow or a lot of rain, it just mats down. And, it’s a great place for little critters to crawl, which we had a lot of last year." But, she tells KBND News, there are other areas where the leaves are helpful, "As far as in the beds or the garden, you can leave them on; it does help insulate plants." And, she says you should feed your lawn before it goes dormant for the season: "Use a winterizing fertilizer; don’t use something that’s real high in nitrogen or fast-release nitrogen. Use something that’s a slow-release so it’ll last all winter and it’ll help keep your lawn green, and it’ll help protect it from the real cold, too."

Jefferson says it’s also a good time to add evergreen trees and shrubs to your yard, "You can plant, as long as the ground is not frozen – which it’s definitely not frozen at this point, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be for a little while. So, do plant; but remember to water those plants throughout the winter." That winter watering needs to be done by hand, though. Jeffers says irrigation systems should be blown out soon. She suggests hiring a professional to make sure all of the moisture is removed from the lines.


For more tips and to hear our full conversation with Cindy Jeffers, visit our Podcast Page or click HERE

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