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Brightside Pit Bulls Available For Adoption

REDMOND, OR -- Brightside Animal Center in Redmond has a plethora of pit bulls available for adoption. Kennel Manager Emily Rucker says they can be a difficult to get into permanent homes due to their bad reputation, especially when histories are unknown. "A lot of the ones we have right now were actually owner-surrenders, so we know a lot more about their history than if they would have come to us as strays. Then, one of them came to us from a high-kill shelter in California."


They currently have six “bully mixes” and Rucker says while their numbers can fluctuate, this is more than normal. "They’re all very friendly; they’re all very adoptable and they do tend to take a little longer to find homes for because of the stereotype and just the difficulty of owning one of the dogs, in terms of if you rent, home insurance, things like that."
Pit Bull is not a breed; it refers to a category of dogs that includes various bull terrier breeds. Rucker tells KBND News, "They are very affectionate with people; the majority of the ones we have are also very playful with other dogs, some of them are cat friendly and some of them are not. But, overall, I would say that just the general zest for life that pit bull-type dogs tend to have: They’re super energetic, they’re just always happy to see people, they want to go out, they want to do things. I have a pit bull mix myself, and he’s the most loyal, loving dog that I’ve ever had." Icey and Attila have been at the shelter more than a month and Rucker hopes they can stay together, "The pair that’s been with us the longest, we are trying to adopt out together, so that’s going to take a special home."
Hartley, Attila, Icey, Patty, Spike and Jimi Hendrix are all available at the Brightside shelter in Redmond. 

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