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Roofers Still Busy As Another Winter Approaches

BEND, OR -- Snow returns to the forecast this weekend, and for many Central Oregonians, it’s too soon.


Gretchen Woodruff, owner of Northwest Quality Roofing in Bend, says all the attention paid to roofing problems during last winter’s extreme weather led to heightened awareness and a backlog of work. "A lot of people in the community wanted to be pro-active and have their roofs inspected this year; also, there were a lot of people with repairs and/or re-roofs needing to be done, which caused a high volume for all of us roofing contractors." According to Woodruff, the promblem is compounded by a shortage of qualified workers. 


She says crews can typically work through the winter, but that wasn't possible last year; and they're still catching up. "For someone to come take a look at your roof and give you a free estimate and/or an inspection, we’re the last week of December; and that’s, of course, weather permitting. And, right now for repairs, we’re January/February. And then, re-roofs are currently being scheduled into spring." Woodruff tells KBND News, many of their current jobs are for repairs to damage caused by last year’s ice dams - and the fixes some homeowners attempted themselves, "People tried to take axes and hammers just to get those suckers out of there, so it would eliminate the melting into their homes, and that caused a lot of damage. But, I think people were so desperate, everyone was so busy, not all of us contractors could get to them. So, they kind of just did what they thought was best at the time."


With schedules full through spring for most roofers, Woodruff's company is fielding 20-30 calls for new jobs a week; she's also hearing from homeowners asking for do-it-yourself advice or the name of another contractor. "Obviously, when we all get desperate, we just want someone there now. But, I always tell them to look on the CCB and make sure the people are licensed, bonded and have experience. Because, the last thing any of us want is for them just to hire somebody just to get it done, and/or someone maybe who doesn’t live here. Because, if something happens and they need them to come back, that might not be an option for them and then they’re really in trouble."

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