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MVHS Bomb Threat Investigation Continues

BEND, OR -- The FBI and local law enforcement continue to investigate a bomb threat made last week, against Mountain View High School. Principal Katie Legace told families in a Thursday night email that someone had threatened to "blow up a math class."


Julianne Repman, with Bend-La Pine Schools, says Friday’s attendance was down by about 15%. But, those who did show up, felt safe, "What we’re hearing from students is that they do want to be here, that they do want to learn. They’re disappointed that there’s this type of disruption to their learning environment." Bend Police Lt. Clint Burleigh says they stepped up patrols at all schools in the district, and there were periodic sweeps of Mountain View throughout the day, Friday. "It’s our hope that we can find the people responsible for this and hold them accountable, because this just continues to make our families uneasy with the schools, and that’s the last thing we want." Repman says the person responsible for last week’s threat could face federal charges.  
Lt. Burleigh says the FBI and State Police bomb squad were consulted right away. "We got this information on Wednesday. So, we sent the better part of two days utilizing multiple staff members from both the police department and the school district, as well as getting some advice from other agencies that have dealt with this more often than we have, to make sure we did this the right way. And make the school safe and make the environment safe for our kids to get their education."


The school was also the focus of a rumored planned shooting, October tenth. "There’s no indication that this is related to the incident last month, but certainly possible that you would see copy-catting; that’s something we anticipated," Repman tells KBND News.  Lt. Burleigh says all threats are taken seriously, "The percentages on these threats are fairly low, on how legitimate they are. But, that doesn’t take away from how much time we put into them."

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