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Perry Withdraws from District 59 Race

REDMOND, OR -- On Monday, Commissioners from the four counties that make up House District 59 will appoint a candidate to finish out the remainder of Representative John Huffman's term.


Robert 'Bob' Perry of Redmond, who is known for being the founder of the Redmond Patriots and active in the Deschutes County Republican Party, explained the replacement process, now that Huffman has resigned. "Precinct committee folks of the Republican Party, from everyone in District 59, which is the northern part of Deschutes, Wasco, Wheeler, and Jefferson Counties, they got together on November 11 and they selected three people who could be considered by County Commissioners from the four counties, and the County Commissioners are actually the ones who are doing the voting or selecting one person from the three applicants."
Perry withdrew his name from consideration yesterday and expressed his hope that the Commissioners will appoint Daniel Bonham of the Dalles, who along with Mae Huston of Jefferson County, remains in the running to represent District 59. "I've decided to support Daniel Bonham of The Dalles. I believe that Daniel will provide a fresh voice for this District in the legislature, I'm very impressed with his moral compass and his ability to communicate. Now, Daniel is 40 years young and I see that as a real benefit for the Republican Party and the legislature needs some youth and vigor to more effectively communicate our common sense conservative message."
According to Perry, the Commissioners who are tasked with naming the alternate will be making their decision soon. "On Monday, the County Commissioners from the four counties that are involved in District 59 will sit down at 11:00 in the Jefferson County Courthouse and they will make the final selection of who will fill out the rest of John Huffman's term."
He says making the decision on Monday is paramount. "If they don't come up with a decision, what happens is, Kate Brown, our Governor, will make the decision for us, which I don't think anybody wants to have happen."
Whomever is chosen to take over Huffman's term, will serve until November of 2018 when they will be eligible for election to the post.


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