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MADRAS, OR -- A Madras man was cited for bringing a deer infected with Chronic Wasting Disease into Oregon. A Montana hunter harvested a deer that tested positive for the disease, last week - the first in that state. CWD is a neurological disease that Fish and Wildlife is trying to keep out of Oregon. 


The Madras man, who is related to the Montana hunter, brought the deer to Oregon where it was butchered. Oregon State Troopers recovered some parts that were disposed of locally, but others went to a landfill and couldn’t be recovered. Experts say they're safe since they’ll be covered with other garbage. 
ODFW considers CWD one of the most devastating wildlife diseases in America. Anyone who sees or harvests a sick deer or elk should report it to the ODFW Wildlife Health Lab at 866-968-2600. Hunters interested in having their deer or elk tested for CWD can make an appointment with a local ODFW office
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