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Daniel Bonham Tapped to Finish Huffman's Term

DISTRICT 59, OR -- Commissioners from the four counties that make up District 59 met yesterday to choose a new representative to finish out the remainder of John Huffman's term. Daniel Bonham of The Dalles was appointed with 39 of the 46 votes, with Redmond's Robert 'Bob' Perry and Jefferson County's Mae Huston splitting the remainder. 

Bonham says he's looking forward to representing the diverse district. "I'm passionate, I'm energetic, I care about people, and I definitely think there's real issues that we face as a population, and I think we need both pragmatic and responsible solutions to those and I think it's going to take a diverse cross section of Oregonians with bright ideas that can truly sit down and listen to each other and create positive solutions for everybody."
Bonham says it was a short timeframe between deciding to apply and actually being chosen for the job. "It was a whirlwind. Ultimately super excited with the results and eager to get to work."
Even though he's a small business owner, husband, and father, Bonham says he's up to the challenge. "The businesses we own have managers in place that know what they're doing, responsible people that can get the job done. And then, a very supportive wife and kids who are excited about the opportunity and 100% behind me."
He will serve the remainder of Huffman's term and would be eligible to run for the position in November of 2018.
Bonham says he understands that District 59 has diverse issues, and he wants to be at the forefront of coming up with solutions. "Right now, I am in listening mode. I am going to be making my way around the District talking with the different County and City officials and trying to figure out what the District's needs are. Realistically, I need to hear from the folks in the District."
The other contenders for Huffman's seat were Redmond patriots founder Robert 'Bob' Perry and Mae Huston, a Jefferson County commissioner.


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