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BEND, OR -- Central Oregon's three Emergency Services Managers were honored at the Oregon State Sheriff's Associations Annual Conference held last week in Bend.


Sgt. Nathan Garibay, of Deschutes County, Crook County's Michael Ryan, and Mark Carman, of Jefferson County were each presented with the Distinguished Service Award. Garibay says it's to recognize their work before and during the August Eclipse. "It's representative of our Central Oregon community and the agencies and the organizations that we get to work with that we could make that happen. So, really, the three of us received the award, however, really we received it on behalf of the many, many people and organizations that made it happen and made it work."
Garibay, Ryan, and Carman were responsible for running the Tri-County Multi-Agency Coordination Center for Incident Response during last August's Eclipse, and Garibay says the event went well because they planned ahead and worked well across all the agencies involved. "It was really, truly an honor to be part of that tremendous learning opportunity, and the support that we receive from our partner organizations and our own agencies really is what makes our Emergency Management programs in all three counties successful. I'm honored to work with Mike and Mark and they are phenomenal peers as well as examples for me, and it was great to be recognized."
Garibay says he couldn't have managed the massive event alone. "At the end of the day, we do this because it's what we love to do, and it's what our community expects of us to do. And, I think that our community's support that we receive on a daily basis is what makes us successful."
Garibay, Ryan, and Carman were also tasked with the Level One evacuation procedures during the Eclipse that resulted due to the Millie Fire's threatening Sisters and those attending the Symbiosis event. 
Photo: (L-R)  Crook Co. Sheriff John Gautney, Crook Co. Emergency Mgr. Michael Ryan, Jefferson Co. Sheriff Jim Adkins, Jefferson Co. Emergency Mgr. Mark Carman, Deschutes Co. Emergency Mgr. Nathan Garibay, Deschutes Co. Sheriff Shane Nelson


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