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BEND, OR -- People are doing more shopping this Christmas, and it's making the season a promising one for local retailers.


Matt Perry of Savory Spice Shop, says this has been a good season for him so far, one of the best in the seven years he's been in business. "So far it's been good, we've had great weather so far this year, compared to last year, which is very helpful, and so it's been a strong year, definitely compared to years past."
Perry says the shop's online sales have risen this year, as well, but he's calling this a productive year because his brick and mortar store in the Old Mill District has been busy from open to close. "We're having fun and pushing through the last and exciting weeks, so it's been a Merry Christmas so far."
The Wall Street Journal says retail sales are up for both online and brick and mortar markets as people's confidence in the improving economy continues to grow.
November retail sales are up .8%, according to a Wall Street Journal article, and only expected to keep climbing as people experience income gains, confidence in the economic outlook, and positive financial markets.
Perry believes this could be one of his most lucrative seasons. "A lot of schools start their vacations this weekend, for the whole Northwest, so probably a lot of tourists will be coming to town, so I have a good sense that this will continue. Our Black Friday was one of our better ones and so, I'm just going to hope that that continues into Super Saturday, as they call it, the Saturday before Christmas."
Perry says this is one of the first years he has seen both online and in-store sales numbers rising and he's hopeful that means the economic improvements will continue.


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