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PRINEVILLE, OR -- Dean Noyes, who served two terms on the Prineville City Council starting in 2006, has been called out of his return to the private sector to finish Jack Seeley's term which ends in 2018.


Noyes believes that Prineville is a strong city, and his job on the City Council is to help improve the economy. "I'm strongly passionate about the financial condition of the city of Prineville and I'm very proud of the accomplishments the Council has made over the past, well specifically, the decade, strengthening its overall position. So, my goal, my focus, is going to be really addressing the continuation of that program with city management, and also career development within the city."
Noyes says bringing in the data centers made the biggest difference to Prineville's economy, but that there are several larger businesses in the area that contribute immensely to the job market and overall fiscal stability. 
He says the city's economy is his main focus, and he wants to let the people of Prineville know they're fiscally stable. "We're all consciously looking at a way to communicate the position of the city in terms of our total asset base compared to our per capita debt, and that's a real good indication as to how strong the city is, and it's something that the citizens of Prineville will be able to see and have tangible awareness of how well the city is being managed and what a great contribution all of our businesses in town have been and I think it's with a lot of pride that we can address some of those issues and communicate it to our constiuents."
Noyes wants to focus on career development within the city, continued investment in public works, and keeping the city's infrastructure as whole as possible. 


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  • NE 27th Street between NE Butler Market and Jill Avenue for roadwork related to roundabout construction, full road closure with detour, 4/13/20 - 7/27/20 
  • 15th Street between Knott Road and the new collector road for infrastructure installation, full closure of the roadway, 12/26/20 - 7/31/20 
  • Murphy Road between Brown Trout Place and Country Club Drive for roadwork related to Murphy Corridor project, bypass road constructed to provide Westbound/Eastbound traffic with minimal impacts to traffic, 4/17/20 - 06/12/20