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REDMOND, OR -- The city of Redmond is hoping residents will help direct where future bike and pedestrian work should occur.


Last year, city officials launched a series of workshops, and Mayor George Endicott says residents have been instrumental in identifying where improvements are needed. "We got some money from the state, called the TGM [Transportation and Growth Management] Grant. What it’s looking at is, ‘How do we improve livability in existing neighborhoods in Redmond?’ You know, sidewalks, bike trails, bike paths, all those kinds of things; just to preserve livability." He tells KBND News, "The big two so far are improving bikes and walkways of various kinds. So, we want to hear more, have a final meeting and that’s all state funded. It’s a great project to just improve Redmond livability."


The final public workshop is Thursday at City Hall, beginning at 6 p.m. Click HERE for details. Mayor Endicott says the data will then be used to help the City Council determine which projects should move forward. 

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