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SISTERS, OR -- The public is invited to view the latest work by local woodcarver, J. Chester 'Skip' Armstrong, called "Conquest Conquistador Thunder." It was created for a client in Belize who has Spanish blood. Armstrong carved the piece from a huge slab of Oregon Alder. The 16' wide by 9' tall sculpture depicts the Spanish conquest of Mezzo-America, and features horses, cannons, and armament. 


Armstrong's well-known works include "Dance For Life" - the maple girl in the St. Charles Bend main waiting room, Broken Top's clubhouse doors, and the running horses at Bend's employment office. 
Before he ships his latest work off to Central America, Armstrong will share it with Central Oregonians from 2 to 6 p.m. on Sunday at his Sisters-area studio, which is near the intersection of Edgington and Peterson Burn roads.

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