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BEND, OR -- The Jeopardy! streak for a Bend woman came to an end Friday night; after five wins, 26-year-old Rachel Lindgren lost her sixth game. "I’d say it went pretty well. You know, not a lot of people get to the five-game mark," She tells KBND News, "So I guess you could say I’m proud of it." Click HERE to watch a montage of her appearance.


Lindgren started thinking about trying to get on the game show in college, but her Jeopardy journey wouldn’t start in earnest, until July. "After a successful try on the online test, I got called in for an in-person interview. This time it was in Seattle, and you do another written test and then a mock game to gauge how you’ll be on camera." After she was chosen, she says she didn’t study too much before taping the shows, "There’s a little website that has a bunch of quizzes about everything under the sun, so I did a lot of those. I made a point of studying all my world capitals, because they always ask about those, and they came up in my very first game, so that was a good idea. But, we took a big road trip down there, so I didn’t really study all that much in the months leading up to it."
According to Lindgren, last week’s shows were all taped in one day, back in November, "There’s only about 15-20 minutes between each game, so it’s enough time to hustle you off-stage, change your clothes, go to the bathroom and touch up your makeup, and then go right back out and do it all over again. It was pretty exhausting; I was pretty tired by that last game."


Despite her exhaustion, she walked away with just under $76,000, "Besides all the boring obligatory – I’m going to pay off all my bills – I’m probably going to try to get a pilot license or, at least, travel around a bit, now that I can." Lindgren is a Colorado native who moved to Bend in 2016. She currently works at Mt. Bachelor and says she has no plans to quit. 

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