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SALEM, OR -- Tax season is officially underway; the Oregon Department of Revenue started Processing Returns Monday. But, if you have a refund coming, you won't get it until after February 15. Joy Krawczyk, with the Department of Revenue, says that's because they run a test to prevent fraud, "So, that way we can check the information employers are providing about income and wages against what folks are reporting on returns to try and further prevent, sort of, refund fraud." The IRS does the same thing, but only for taxpayers claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit or the additional Child Tax Credit. 


Oregonians who made money from last summer's eclipse need to report that income on their taxes, including renting a room or space on your property or selling t-shirts and other items, "Any sort of income off of activities related to the eclipse or anything that they do on kind of a self-employed basis, and they wouldn’t receive a W2 or 1099 for, they have to remember to claim that on their returns," says Krawczyk. "That's generally only if the total amount they rented their property or room in their home was for 30 days or more." 


And, if you want access to your Oregon kicker refund, you must file a state tax return. Krawczyk says everyone should "Make sure that they file this year, even if they wouldn't generally meet the requirements to have to file." Kicker checks won't be printed, it'll be issued as a tax credit. 


The deadline to file, this year, is April 17, because the 15th is Sunday and April 16 is Emancipation Day, a Washington, DC holiday. 


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