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Deadly Prineville Shooting Deemed Justified

PRINEVILLE, OR -- A Prineville man has been cleared by a Grand Jury, which found he was justified in shooting and killing a man, last fall. According to the Crook County District Attorney’s Office, witnesses corroborated Larry Hoevet’s account of events.


On October 22, 56-year-old Kenneth McBeth showed up at Hoevet’s house, uninvited. He demanded the return of personal property; but, when 40-year-old Hoevet refused to open the door, the two reportedly exchanged angry words. McBeth then said he was coming in anyway, counted to three and threw a patio chair through the front window.


Prineville Shooting Leaves One Dead


Hoevet says he feared for his life and shot in the direction of the broken window, striking McBeth in the chest. McBeth retreated to a parking lot where he collapsed. Several neighbors immediately came to his aid, but he later died. The Medical Examiner found the cause of death to be "chest trauma resulting from a single gunshot wound." Hoevet called 911 and remained on the line with dispatch as police arrived. Thy say he was cooperative and turned himself in for further questioning. 


D.A. Wade Whiting said in a statement: "Under Oregon law, a person has an absolute right to feel safe and secure in their own home. A person can be justified in using deadly physical force if another person is committing or attempting to commit a burglary in their dwelling." He went on to say, "In this instance, the grand jury has determined that Hoevet was justified in using deadly physical force under the circumstances he encountered and it was reasonable for him to believe his life was endangered at the time he discharged the firearm from his own home."

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