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BEND, OR -- Celebrate Cannabis is a new organization with the mission of unifying and giving voice to the legal cannabis community and educating the public as to the positive aspects the industry brings to the area. Jennifer Clifton, of Clifton Cannabis Law, is one of the Founders of Celebrate Cannabis, and she says the industry is more than just about a fun culture, it has contributed to tourism and, most importantly, employment opportunities. "First, jobs. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Hundreds of jobs, and we're at $800,000 over the last few years in tax revenue to Deschutes County. So, we've all benefitted from the cannabis industry."


She says, if people truly understood cannabis and the benefits it brings to the Central Oregon community, there would be no further objections, and Celebrate Cannabis' mission is to make it easy to find true information about the industry. "Celebrate Cannabis is, you can go to a web portal and we're going to have access to information you can get and education about the industry. And we're going to be doing other industries like workshops and webinars to help inform the public about the industry, and debunk myths that just aren't true about it."
The other founders include Hunter Neubauer of Oregrown, Chris Telfer of Spectrum CPA Group, Gary Bracelin of Tokyo Starfish, Judy Campbell of Campbell Consulting Group, and Jack Robson of High Desert Pure.
Clifton says they started Celebrate Cannabis because education about cannabis hasn't kept pace with the industry's rapid growth. "We're seeing a change across the nation, and I would hate to be left out based on backwoods thinking." She adds that, because once people know the truth about cannabis, she thinks they'll stop fearing it. "I just think that we need to get all the facts before we just become rigid in our views and I don't feel like there's been full disclosure and understanding of the industry, so we're hoping to shed some light on that."
Celebrate Cannabis will be holding workshops and webinars that will share information about the benefits of the industry to Deschutes County including product innovation, philanthropy, and environmental friendliness.


For more information, go to www.celebrate-cannabis.org. Clifton wants to emphasize that Celebrate Cannabis only celebrates safe, responsible, adult use.

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