Donny Caccamise and Tom Spence


Donny Caccamise and Tom Spence

2:00pm - 4:00pm

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MADRAS, OR -- Jefferson County 509-J Schools Superintendent Ken Parshall invites feedback and questions, and hopes new community engagement events will get people thinking about local education. The first of two meetings takes place Wednesday.

"This is an attempt to engage families from kindergarten through 12th grade. To say, 'family members, come on in and give us your feedback. Help us do this work better'," Parshall tells KBND News. "We are all in this work together to ensure that students are successful, and involving family members and community members in developing our plan to improve student outcomes, is a very important part of the process."


Parshall hopes residents will take part and learn more about achievement and programs, and offer insights, even if they don't have kids in school, "Show up as a teammate. Be willing to look at how our kids are doing, and what the district has already implemented, what we're beginning and continuing to implement, and then ask questions about it, make suggestions." He says not every idea can be implemented immediately, but having the chance to hear what the community has to say is invaluable.


Wednesday's event at Warm Springs K8 Academy starts at 5:30 with a light meal; the actual meeting begins at 6 p.m. A second community engagement event is scheduled for next Tuesday at Madras High SchoolLearn more about achievement and participation data prior to attending a meeting, HERE


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