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Canine Flu Spreads To Oregon

BEND, OR -- It’s not just humans catching the flu this season. Canine Influenza has been spreading across the  country since the first case was diagnosed in Chicago. Prior to January, outbreaks were primarily found in Asia. Now, there are several cases reported in Oregon, south of Deschutes County. 


Jonna McGinnis, owner of Wee Tails Play Care and Training - a boutique doggie daycare in Bend - isn’t yet requiring her clientele to vaccinate their dogs, but she strongly recommends it, "I am asking people to avoid dog parks, and other places where other dogs are, and if they have any symptoms, I'm requiring that they keep the dogs home." She tells KBND News dogs are social creatures, making it easy for them to spread germs. "As the weather gets nicer outside, and people do get out more with their dogs, and do more traveling, I think in Spring and Summer, I may rethink my policies and definitely require these vaccinations be done." The vaccine covers both detected strains of the virus, and can be administered in two injections.
McGinnis also suggests owners take their pets to the vet immediately if they get lethargic or start sneezing and coughing. Humans can't contract dog flu, but it can be spread to cats.

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