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RHS Students Build Snack Shack On Wheels

REDMOND, OR -- A new building is under construction at Redmond High School. It's a tiny-home, of sorts, on wheels. It'll  be used, next school year, as a portable snack shack for sporting events.


Construction Tech Instructor Mark Winger says about 50 kids from architecture and construction classes have had some part in the project, "It's my Construction Tech I, II, III, Architect class, so we have numerous students and classes working on the same project." He tells KBND News the kids got excited about the work, "They designed it last year and this year we have the ability to build it, frame it, complete it. In my construction class we learn how to frame homes, so this is very similar except not quite as wide, not quite as big."
The trailer base is from a Gresham company, but the students have done all the rest of the work. Most of the materials were donated by local businesses and equipment was purchased using grant money available for Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes. Winger says it's all about real-world experience, "It gives them an opportunity to - not necessarily be on a job site - but, here we can manage it on a smaller scale, where they get the same training right here in our schools."
Sophomore Aaron Gilbert has been working on the project since late fall. He says is very similar to working on a job site, because there are still building codes and restrictions to follow, "It's the same with the trailer, because we have certain guidelines we have to follow. The trailer can't be too wide because if it is, it's illegal to drive on the road. Also, it can't be too tall or else it can't go under any overpasses or bridges or anything like that."
The 8'x20' building on wheels will be unveiled at the Redmond High Car Show, May 19. 
Photos: (Above) Sophomore Aaron Gilbert works on the Snack Shack as Mr. Winger looks on, March 23.
(Below) Architectural rendering of the final project.

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