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PRINEVILLE, OR -- The Crook County School Board has named Dr. Sara Johnson Superintendent, to replace retiring Superintendent Duane Yecha. Board Vice Chair Patti Norris says Dr. Johnson's application rose above the other 25 candidates. "We really liked that she had some Superintendent experience already," Norris tells KBND News, "She understood the full breadth of what that job entails, as well as her commitment to kids, and to serving every kid, every day, and making sure that we're sharing the success we've had as a district with every one of our students."


Norris says Yecha's departure is the end of an era, but she's looking ahead to a positive future for the district, "We, as a board, and I think along with Sara, are committed to continuing the great work that we've done with Duane to make our district successful, and financially solid; and we're ready to take it up a notch and go from great to awesome." She adds, "I think her plan is to come in and, initially, get the lay of the land, meet the people, identify what's working really well, and where she would want to work. I don't expect that she'll come in on day one and suddenly start making major changes until she understands how it's all working."


Since 2016, Dr. Johnson has been the Director of Assessment, Equity and Staff Development for Klamath County Schools; she takes over in Crook County, July first. 

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