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BEND, OR -- Potentially shaking up the Republican primary in Oregon's race for governor, former US Navy Pilot and Blue Angels commander, Captain Greg Wooldridge, says he's the best man for the job.


Wooldridge talked with KBND News about his late entry to the race, having joined in February, saying it's the opposite of a problem. "I think we got into the race just in time. Not too late, at the very right time, because we are surging forward. We have so much energy. And we have people backing us, we've got donors that are helping us, we could use a lot more, to throw some fuel into my afterburners, because we are in full afterburner right now."
So far, Wooldridge has received endorsements from Oregon Right to life, and support from several veterans organizations. He will be participating in a Redmond Patriots' event on April 9th, along with other Republican gubernatorial candidates. He launched his campaign only a month ago, and has never held public office before, but says that's a point in his favor, as he believes his ability to lead is what sets him apart. "Being a servant leader. Which means, not only do you listen as part of servant leadership, but then you act, to help people move forward. Our best days lie ahead of us, the prosperity we could have in this state is incredible."
Failing schools, the inability to protect foster children, and the unwillingness to reform PERS, are all examples Wooldridge says, of Governor Kate Brown's failure to lead this state well. "Since I had 27 years of military service, and Kate Brown has had 27 years of civil service, I'd like to say, in my first 27 days as Governor, we're going to jump in full force."
Captain Wooldridge plans to focus on three main issues: education, PERS reform, and infrastructure improvements. His main competitors for the Republican nomination are Dr. Knute Buehler and businessman, Sam Carpenter.
Incumbent Governor Kate Brown is the presumed Democratic nominee.

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