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Buehler Reacts To #NoShowKnute

BEND, OR -- two-term State Representative Knute Buehler (R-Bend) has opted out of several recent candidate forums and debates, during his run for Governor, earning him a new nickname. The Democratic Party of Oregon is using the hashtag "No-Show Knute" to refer to Buehler, saying he's largely abandoned his District 54 constituents in favor of his gubernatorial ambitions.


The Bend Republican begs to differ, pointing to the last session where he supported funding for OSU Cascades and fought higher taxes, "Governor Brown's proposal for a new complex energy tax scheme and what it would mean for everyday, hardworking constituents in my district is they would've paid $1,000 more a year in their energy costs, and due to the leadership I showed in the legislature, that was defeated, and they're running scared, and they should be. We're going to have a new Governor after November of 2018." He adds, "Governor Brown and her powerful special interests want to do everything possible to defeat Knute Buehler, the most likely person to be our next Governor. They're running scared, so they're trying to put that out there as much as possible instead of talking about the big problems that Governor Brown has not solved over the last three years and, actually, big problems that have been avoided and made worse by her administration."
He tells KBND News he's the opposite of #NoShow, "I talk to people all over the state, I give speeches, I meet with individuals, I meet with groups, I attend events; by the end of the month, we've been to 50 Republican events across the state. So, we talk to all kinds of people everywhere."
Buehler regrets the failure of a bill he says would've protected foster children. He says he's focused on learning how best to remedy the situation if elected Governor, along with PERS reform and lowering taxes. He won't attend tonight's Redmond Patriots town hall meeting with other gubernatorial candidates, opting instead to meet with Central Oregon foster families. He's endorsed Republican Cheri Helt as his replacement for District 54.

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