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BEND, OR -- Central Oregon Community College is looking into the future. COCC Vice President for Administration Matt McCoy tells KBND News the final draft of a Facilities Master Plan is nearly complete. "It takes into consideration the needs throughout the district, so that includes the Bend campus, the Redmond campus, the Madras and Prineville facilities. And, it even gives thought to where we might consider expansion beyond those four locations. We’ve always got to be considering ‘where is the growth going to take place in Central Oregon?’ Whether it’s Sisters, La Pine or other areas; trying to design what the facilities needs would be within those parts of our community."


In Bend, McCoy says, one idea would convert College Way into a pedestrian plaza, "Now, we recognize the City of Bend owns College Way. But, the idea here is that if the city were willing and the timing is right and we can afford it, we might acquire College Way and then be able to use it for things like perhaps farmers markets or food festivals or music events and limit vehicle traffic, insuring emergency vehicles and the campus shuttle can continue to and through College Way. But, limiting it to pedestrians during normal educational hours."
They're also looking at potential changes and expansion of Mazama Gym and the outdoor athletic field, "We have quite a bit of demand for our health and human performance classes and not the tools to deliver those classes at the highest level we would like to." He acknowledges the school will look different in the future, "Traditionally community colleges are commuter campuses. But, as we look forward and keep sustainability at the forefront of our thinking, one of our objectives is to bring students and the community to the campus and not have them in their cars driving around to and from."
McCoy expects the 10-year facilities plan will be presented to the board in the next couple of months. To hear our full conversation with COCC's Matt McCoy, click HERE.

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  • NE 27th Street between NE Butler Market and Jill Avenue for roadwork related to roundabout construction, full road closure with detour, 4/13/20 - 7/27/20 
  • 15th Street between Knott Road and the new collector road for infrastructure installation, full closure of the roadway, 12/26/20 - 7/31/20 
  • Murphy Road between Brown Trout Place and Country Club Drive for roadwork related to Murphy Corridor project, bypass road constructed to provide Westbound/Eastbound traffic with minimal impacts to traffic, 4/17/20 - 06/12/20