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Independent Hopes To Shake Up Governor's Race

PRINEVILLE, OR -- Independent candidate for Governor Patrick Starnes is running on a platform of bringing more manufacturing jobs to Oregon and getting big money out of politics. According to Starnes, 38% of Oregon voters don't consider themselves Democrat or Republican, which leads him to conclude the Governor's race will be decided by the disillusioned.


Independent Party of Oregon Opens Primary


While in Central Oregon this week, Starnes told KBND News he believes being Governor is in his future, "I hope to have a large third of the voters in Oregon; and if I hang on to that percentage, and also bring in Democrats and Republicans to support me, especially using small donations, we will have modeled campaign finance reform, and that'll be a big change for Oregon." And, he says he's practicing what he preaches, "I'm the only candidate who's restricted his own donations to $100 per person. And, I'm willing to raise a million dollars doing that, but I just don't want special interest money, or large corporate money, to drown out the little people that are trying to contribute and trying to be heard."
Starnes, who has been a cabinet maker for 30 years, believes that Oregon can do more with wood products and build more finished wood products in state, which he says would boost the economy and help small, local businesses.
He was twice elected to the Douglas Education Service District, in Roseburg, and once to the McKenzie School Board, and believes that school board experience should be mandatory for anyone running for Governor.

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