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REDMOND, OR -- Gun rights activists and supporters filled the front lawn at Redmond City Hall, Saturday, to show their opposition to an Oregon initiative petition that appears headed for the November ballot. Organizers say #WeSupport2 rallies in six cities around the state attracted about 1500 people. 


Candy Yow, of La Pine, hosts her own outdoor show and is an avid hunter. She told the Redmond crow, "I'm just a mom, a wife, a grandma, and I love getting into the outdoors; there's hardly anything that will keep me from getting out into God's beauty, watching the wildlife and seeing what He has given us. And, we are blessed to live in a country that we can still do that. So, we take every opportunity to get out there and thank Him for everything. But, in return, we need to fight for those rights for ourselves, too." She says IP 43 would restrict ownership of some firearms and high-capacity magazines, "How many people out there think it will not effect you, and yet it will effect you. You need to do your research, because it will. Many of us use rifles that could fall into this class, due to it either being an AR - which is not an 'assault rifle' - a rifle with a detachable magazine, a muzzle break for less recoil, or numerous other reasons."


Yow cited gun laws enacted in Germany prior to the holocaust and in China during Chairman Mao's cultural revolution as examples of how 'gun control' doesn't work because law-abiding citizens turn in their weapons while criminals don't, "If you think this initiative, and those that follow it, won't effect you, you are wrong. This will only be the first step. Let's not let history repeat itself, let's not become victims of our government control or worse. Let's stand for our Second Amendment rights to defend ourselves, to supply ourselves with food and to live in a free country."


Outdoors Expert Gary Lewis urged people to become familiar with the specifics of IP 43. "The people who are behind this initiative and this soon to be new ballot measure, if they get their way, those squirrel rifles would be illegal. In fact, 40% of the guns we were shooting with that day - often the first gun that a person picks up when they learn to shoot - will be illegal."
The Redmond #WeSupport2 rally started with the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem, and featured booths from the NRA and Ladies of Lead, as well as numerous speakers. 

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