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REDMOND, OR -- A new organization hopes to help Redmond-area nonprofits overcome funding challenges. "The government cannot and probably should not be seen as the funding source – or the end-all/be-all for funding sources – for different organizations around our community," says Redmond's Spirit Foundation co-founder Angela Boothroyd.


She says her new endeavor is modeled, in part, by the 100+ Women Who Care and similar groups who pool funds contributed by members. The money is then awarded to needy nonprofits as voted on by the members. Boothroyd says Redmond’s Spirit takes the concept to another level, "We want to get 1,000 individuals to commit to contribute a minimum of $100 a year, and pledge to do that for three years so that we will have a larger dollar amount, by combining all our funds, that we’ll be able to contribute back into the community." She adds, "It would have to go out into other 501c3 organizations; that is part of our charter."


Boothroyd tells KBND News a selection committee will  create a list of a handful of local organizations that need help, "It will go back to the people who are contributing, for them to have some input on which endeavors they would like to support. And then, ultimately, the Board of Directors will decide where the funds go back out in the community."  She says there are many non-profits doing great work, but the time they spend fundraising can detract from their mission, and the foundation can help ease some of that pressure. "Our plan is not to give, you know, one or $2,000 here and there. We’re hoping to make much larger contributions that will really make a difference for organizations." 


A kickoff event will take place Tuesday at noon, at Centennial Park. Organizers will plant a flag and answer questions about Redmond's Spirit. 

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