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SHADY COVE, OR -- Two deer that were still alive after being shot with arrows near Shady Cove, in southern Oregon, have had the arrows removed. Dan Ethridge, with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, says State Police wildlife officers helped them tranquilize the deer so they could remove the arrows and treat the wounds.


The arrows didn't hit any vital organs and he expects they will make a full recovery, "They seem like they’re going to heal fine and do good. They look quite mobile and walked off like normal, too." The doe and yearling doe were first spotted last week. 

Ethridge says an investigation continues to find who was responsible. He doesn't believe hunters did it, "Their method was illegal, their time of year was illegal, their animal was illegal – it was in city limits. Just everything about it was kind of bad." There is now a $2,600 reward offered for information that leads to an arrest. 



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