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BEND, OR -- Republican Gubernatorial candidate and Bend State Representative Knute Buehler says he's ready to take on Governor Kate Brown in November.


At a pre-election party in Bend, Monday night, Dr. Buehler thanked local supporters and said that by working together, Oregon's complex problems can be solved, "I am running for a simple reason, and that's to fix the big problems in Oregon that have been avoided, ignored, and actually made a heck of a lot worse by Governor Brown over the last three years." He told the crowd, "This place- This place we call home, Oregon, should be the best place in the world to live, work, and play. But do you know what's holding us back? Kate Brown." And, he says his work in the Legislature proves he'll take a different approach, "I've rolled up my sleeves, I've reached across the aisle and worked with others; we've passed groundbreaking legislation."


If elected, Buehler vowed to work on lowering taxes, reform PERS, help schools succeed, end the opioid crisis, and fix the foster care system. But, he admits he has a long road ahead. 


Buehler tells KBND News that Oregonians are bound together by a love for the state and a need for change, "Kate Brown should be very scared. Because I am going to clearly point out where Governor Brown has failed to lead and where I will lead with regards to improving our schools, with regards to improving our infrastructure, with regards to the mismanagement of the state. It is really time for a turnaround in Oregon that Governor Brown can't engineer and I will lead where Kate Brown has failed."
Before he can take on Gov. Brown in the general election, Buehler must secure the GOP nomination in Tuesday's primary. He's up against Central Oregon Businessman Sam Carpenter and retired Navy Captain Greg Wooldridge. Monday night's event was Buehler's only Central Oregon election gathering; he's hosting a "victory party" in Wilsonville, on Election Night. 

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