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REDMOND, OR -- We now know the Deschutes County Board of Commissioners will look different in 2019. When incumbent Deschutes County Commissioner Tammy Baney lost in the Republican primary, Tuesday, the upset surprised many local leaders, including Redmond Mayor George Endicott.


Mayor Endicott tells KBND News, "Tammy is a friend of mine. I know Patti, as well - I know both of them; been around them both quite a bit. They’re both great ladies, I just think their political leanings are a little different. Tammy is more of a moderate; I think Patti is a little more conservative. We’ll see what impact that has on the county/city dynamics." He adds, "The dynamics change, no matter what; so, you have to figure that out. I personally think that Patti’s probably more conservative than Tammy, so we’ll have to figure out what role that plays. Tammy’s had some very important state roles, such as Chairman of the Oregon Transportation Commission. I mean, I think technically she can stay there, but I don’t know if the Governor will do that."


Adair faces Democrat Jim Cook in November, for the Position Three seat. Cook currently serves as Chair of Redmond's Planning Commission, but would likely step down if he wins a place on the Board of County Commissioners. "He’s very much an advocate for a performing arts center and things like that," says Endicott, "He’s been- I’ll call him ‘the champion’ for that. So, if he leaves, then either a new champion steps up or you see priorities change." 


Redmond's Planning Commission could see other changes next year, if Jack Zika wins the GOP nomination for Oregon House District 53. That race is still too close to call, with Zika holding an 11-vote lead over his opponent. Endicott believes Zika has a good chance of winning in the general election, which would be another loss for the Commission, "I have a lot of respect for Jack; he’s a really good member, he’s very thoughtful.  So, that’ll hurt. But, again, hopefully we’ll find someone at least as good, to come in."

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