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Bend Childcare Provider Faces Federal Charge

BEND, OR -- A Bend caregiver is accused of Private Indecency and Criminal Mistreatment in a case that Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel calls extremely troubling.


Craig Randleman worked as a personal care worker for a non-verbal, disabled 14-year-old with the cognitive functioning of a toddler. The 54-year-old was employed by the boy's family and was paid for by the State of Oregon. Randleman is accused of masturbating to pornography in the living room, April 12, while the child was about 15' away.  The day before, he allegedly slept for an hour, while on duty. "This child requires constant attention because he often will have seizures that result in serious medical conditions that need swift attention," Hummel tells KBND News, "And also, he will often wander from the home and he doesn't appreciate the risk of cars and so he'll walk out into the street."


Hummel says the child's parents had every expectation Randleman would be an effective caregiver, given his association with the State of Oregon, "Parents place their trust in childcare providers, I mean, to care for the most precious people in their lives, their kids. And, when you hand that trust over, you hope beyond hope that that person is worthy of your trust. In this case, the parents could feel a little safer because this person was recruited by and contracted through the state of Oregon and so you'd feel that it's going to be somebody that's gone through a heightened level of background check and scrutiny."


According to Hummel, the parents' finding out about the mistreatment of their child was almost accidental, "Fortunately, the child's mother had recently installed a home security system and the cameras in the house captured these events." He adds, "It just goes to show that even people who've gone through vetting and background checking can still do terrible things. So, the parents are wondering what might've happened prior to them installing the cameras, because their son's unable to communicate verbally, so it's difficult for him to convey to them what might have happened."


Randleman is due in court June 13. "Mr. Randleman deserves to be held accountable for his actions," says Hummel, "And the filing of this case against him is the first step in achieving this outcome."

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