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BEND, OR -- Bend’s City Manager and Mayor will present the State of the City, next week, focusing on managing the city’s incredible growth in recent years. Mayor Casey Roats says the city is very strong, "We really have a good story to tell as a city. We’ve accomplished a tremendous number of very large projects in the last couple of years; we’re making real headway towards getting more housing availability and hopefully housing affordability. As a result of that, we have some big infrastructure projects and transportation projects that we’re moving ahead on in the next couple of years to help ease congestion."


In response to the growth, City Manager Eric King asked City Council Wednesday night to approve the hiring of additional staff to accommodate the demand on city departments. King tells KBND News, "The talent that we’re attracting as a city, because of Bend’s quality of life, we get some amazing people on board. And, it’s just really exciting to be building this city alongside this incredible talent."
Mayor Roats admits there’s still work to do, "I don’t want to gloss over the challenges we face, as a community that’s growing. But, I think that for some that have been here for a little while, we remember having gotten through bigger challenges in the past." He adds, "We’ve been here, we’ve had these challenges. Every time the community has a shot of growth, there are challenges that come with that. But, it’s not unprecedented; it’s not anything other city’s haven’t had to deal with either. We’ve met the challenges in the past and we’ll continue to do so in the future."


The Bend Chamber hosts the State of the City on Tuesday at 10 Barrel’s East Side Pub at 5 p.m. Visit the Chamber's website for more information and to register. To hear our full conversation with Mayor Casey Roats and City Manager Eric King, click HERE or visit our Podcast page

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