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BEND, OR -- A recently released report of Oregon crime statistics ranks Bend as the sixth safest city in the state, and the only city over 60,000 people to make the top 10. Bend Police Captain Paul Kansky says it’s a group effort, "It’s very good to see. It makes us know that we have good relationships with the community, because it’s all of us together that create this. But, it’s surprising in the way that – to be a city of almost 100,000 and be in the top 10 is definitely a success for our community."


Sherwood topped the list; the city of nearly 20,000 reported .67 violent crimes per thousand people, followed by Sandy, Lake Oswego, Albany and Silverton. Bend had 1.08 violent crimes per thousand people. Click HERE to view the full list. Rankings are based on 2016 data reported to the FBI. Capt. Kansky tells KBND News, "We certainly are not a bedroom community for larger cities, but I think that helps lending to a little less crime. Now, that said, I also know that our culture of our police department, along with our community, is to serve others. And, that culture, it just rings out. We’re a service-minded department and that’s earned us the trust of the community and vice versa – we work with the community and we trust them." 
While the report is based on nearly two-year-old data, Capt. Kansky doesn't think this year's numbers will be that different, "Crime will rise a little bit, which comes with population growth and also tends to be a little bit of a trend from years past, and calls for service are up this year about 5%. But, I don’t suspect it’ll change a lot because, again, I think it ties to our service and our community."
Click HERE to listen to our full conversation with Capt. Paul Kansky.

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