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Redmond High To Be Without A Principal For 2018-19

REDMOND, OR -- After the sudden resignation of its principal, Redmond High School will start back up in the fall without a permanent leader. District Superintendent Mike McIntosh says he tried to find a replacement earlier this month, "We had a candidate pool, we screened the pool, we sent out a Skype interview – which is kind of an interview online; we had a candidate and that candidate pulled out at the last minute for some very legitimate reasons. We accept that. So, we have decided to not have that process continue."


McIntosh says the biggest issue with finding a replacement is that most educators were already set in their positions when the opening occurred, "It was really late and folks were committed. And, you know, you have to appreciate the commitment of our leadership that, when they say they’re going to be here next year, they really are and don’t bail at the last minute. And, that’s just a service to everybody; so, we appreciate that, understand that and accept that." But, he tells KBND News, he's not giving up, "We’ll go out in February or March when the hiring season in spring is in its prime, next spring, and find the replacement."


And, McIntosh says RHS won't be without administrative leadership in September, "We’ll go into next year with Traci Renwick serving as the district office support. There are two amazing Vice Principals there that’ll carry the ball. I’ve also contacted HD Weddel; he’s going to come help us, as well. We’re going to be in good hands. They’ll get a chance to capture the spirit of Redmond High School and write down their vision, their mission, and then find the principal who will help them lead it." Renwick is Redmond Schools’ Director of Secondary Education; McIntosh says she’ll be at Redmond High every day. Weddel is the former principal of Bend High, and one of two principals now at Madras High. He’ll work at Redmond two days a week.


To hear more of our conversation with Superintendent Mike McIntosh, visit our Podcast Page.

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