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Bend State Rep Candidate Reacts To Allegations

BEND, OR -- Bend City Councilor and Democratic nominee for House District 54 Nathan Boddie lost several key endorsements for his State Rep. campaign, this week, after allegations of inappropriate behavior surfaced. Boddie tells KBND News he doesn’t know where the allegations are from, "It’s certainly not local supporters because the support on the ground here has been great and continues to be. I don’t think this is Democrats; I don’t think this is one group or another." He insists he has no intention of quitting the race. 


FuturePAC, an influential Democratic political action committee, claims Boddie made sexist or homophobic remarks; although, the group has so far not elaborated on the accusation. Boddie is suspicious of the timing, "When a political action committee from Portland got in touch with me, I looked into whether they could help with the campaign. They began asking me for campaign money from my supporters and I refused, so the relationship really soured and resulted in I think kind of strange behavior. "He adds, "That’s why I don’t get involved in shadowy political action committees and out of town organizations from Portland. I’m really in this for the people in Bend."
KBND News asked Boddie whether he’s made inappropriate statements, or said anything that could have been misconstrued as sexist or homophobic. He responded, Wednesday, "Certainly not. And, I think that anybody who knows me knows that that’s true. That’s not what I do in my medical career; it’s not what I do in my political career. I think this is just kind of fabricated accusations for reasons that I don’t fully understand. But, it’s not surprising anybody that politics gets weird." 
The District 54 Oregon House seat is currently held by Dr. Knute Buehler, now the Republican nominee for Governor. Boddie's Republican opponent condemned Boddie's alleged behavior. Click HERE to listen to our complete conversation with Nathan Boddie. 
Photo: Nathan Boddie speaks at Bend's Pride gathering at Drake Park, June 23, 2018. 

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