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Another City Councilor To Run For Bend Mayor

BEND, OR -- Sally Russell, who has served on the Bend City Council since 2012, announced Monday she is running for Mayor. She tells KBND News, "I'm running for Mayor because I love this town. I've lived here for awhile now and I've watched it change and I've also been involved in the community for quite awhile, and it takes a lot of work to keep it really cool and a place where everybody can continue to live and thrive."


Russell has served as Mayor Pro Tem since 2015. She believes the best way to lead is to celebrate the city as a single, but diverse, community, "Bend's not an east side or a west side; I really see our town as one town. I don't see our town as a rich Bend or a poor Bend. We have to look at Bend as one, whole community. That's the kind of leader I've always been and I can be a really good leader for everyone in this town." She adds, "I'm also really committed to making sure that people can move around this town in a cost effective way that works for them, and I'm really interested in transportation and making sure transportation in our city works for all the members in our community." Russell says affordable housing is also an important issue. She'd like to get get rents to stabilize and make sure working people can afford to live in Bend.


Bend voters will elect the Mayor for the first time, in November. Fellow City Councilor Bill Moseley announced last month his candidacy for the position. Current Mayor Casey Roats, the last one to be appointed by Council, has said he does not plan to seek the top job, opting instead to run for re-election to Council. 

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