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Broken XRay Leads To Redmond Airport Delays

UPDATE: (7/13/18) The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) says the x-ray machine has been repaired and checkpoint screening at the Redmond Airport has returned to normal.




REDMOND, OR -- (7/11/18) Travelers departing from the Redmond Airport should expect delays getting carry-on bags checked through security lines, over the next couple of days. "There’s a mechanical issue with one of the parts that needs to be replaced," says Airport Director Zach Bass, "Of course, that order has been put in for priority delivery."


With the TSA X-Ray machine out of commission until the part comes in, he says passengers could experience 35-45 minute delays, "It means that our capacity for through-put is going to go from two lines to one – or 50% less, which is probably going to cause some delays. We’re really urging people to show up early. The line opens at 3:30."


Bass tells KBND News mornings will have the longest delays, "Between 5 o’clock, our first flight going out, and 7 o’clock, we have about nine different aircraft leave. Between 6:00 a.m. and 7 a.m., I think it’s closer to six of those are leaving all at once." He suggests getting to the airport at least two hours early, and take steps to keep things moving smoothly, "If you get the chance, get on to TSA.gov, find out what the restrictions are and what you can bring and not bring. Make sure your liquids are ready to go and separately bagged. One other thing that is not required but would really help the through-put would be putting your food into a specific bag, bunched together and then also bringing that out of your bag so it’s not misidentified as something else and you have to get your bag searched and re-ran."


Bass hopes the X-Ray machine will be fixed Friday, at the latest. "We just want people to be aware it’s going to be busy over the next two mornings, especially, and to expect some delays at the TSA line, and make sure you’ve got all your stuff ready to go."

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