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Interim Director Takes Over Madras Rec. District

MADRAS, OR -- An independent consultant takes over the Madras Aquatic Center Recreation District on Monday, a little over a month after the previous Executive Director was fired. Board Chair Jinnell Lewis says Gary Barth, of Barth Consultants, will handle day-to-day operations, "He’s going to be in that position as the interim Executive Director role for about the next three months, with the option to extend past that while we’re recruiting for a permanent Executive Director."


Lewis says the district is still not able to comment on why the Board fired Joe McHaney in June, two months after he was put on leave for undisclosed reasons.  "We understand people want answers, but we want everything to be done appropriately and with minimal interference. So, the less we can talk about it, so they can conduct an accurate investigation, the better, I think." The Department of Justice is now investigating McHaney and has, so far, not released any details. 

The new consultant will provide executive oversight for the MAC and overall district, as well as evaluate whether the district's five-year strategic plan is on track. Barth recently worked for Clackamas County, providing oversight of the North Clackamas Parks and Rec. Lewis tells KBND News he’ll provide a valuable fresh perspective on the district's goals, "I think it’ll be helpful to have an outside person with a really extensive background and experience with a recreation district to be able to come in and help identify those things."

She says despite the transition, operations continue uninterrupted, "We have an amazing staff that’s been able to come together, work together to keep things running as smoothly as possible. We haven’t had any issues that I’m aware of; I haven’t heard any negative comments from any patrons of the pool or the rec district. So, I think that just speaks very highly to the staff that we do have in place."

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